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I do n��t know since when our family ��s breakfast has a very strange dish��cold dandelion, which was specially made by my grandma. Every day, grandma gets up early in the morning, walks quietly and gently to the kitchen, and starts to pick the dandelions that were prepared last night Carton Of Cigarettes. Grandma, who was not so good at eyes, picked this small, thin dandelion stool. The more strenuous I was, the more I tried to pick out the old dandelions one by one with her weather-beaten hand, leaving only the tenderest and most nutritious part. After choosing dandelions, grandma started washing dandelions. It happened to be winter, and the tap water was very cold and irritating. Every time I washed dandelion, my grandma's hands became red. My mother said several times that I would buy an automatic vegetable washer, but grandma was a stubborn person. Every time she was Rejected, saying: "The automatic washing machine will reduce the nutrition of the dandelion miles, and it is better to wash it by hand." I wonder if it is a coincidence or something. Whenever I get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, and prepare to eat at the table, My grandma's cold dandelion came to the table at the same time as me Marlboro Red, so every time I eat dandelion, it is freshly baked. Grandma is a beautiful person who loves to use hair dyes to blacken her already gray hair every time. But because there are so many white hairs, the hair becomes a combination of white fight and black�� "Grandma Grey" . This grandma's "grandma ash" is very eye-catching. After getting up every morning, I walked to the kitchen and saw the "grandma ash" doing laundry through the blurred eyes. Get up early to prepare dandelions for me. When I was young, I did n��t understand Ji, and often quarreled with my grandmother. I thought she was too embarrassed. After listening, my grandmother said badly: "You have to endure for a few more years, anyway, you have no chance to listen to me!" After listening, I lowered my head. After a while, I raised my head and saw through the eyes of my grandmother Wholesale Cigarettes, "Grandma Grey", and I felt very ashamed. I think this "grandma grey" is my little luck! According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", "dandelion has a slightly sweet flavor, is sweet in nature, and has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and stasis."
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