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What Every Home-Based Business Owner Needs to Know About Shiny Object Syndrome
Posted by nick_niesen on October 28th Cheap Under Armour Curry Shoes Outlet , 2010

One of the greatest enemies to business success is Shiny Object Syndrome. You as an entrepreneur are probably highly creative, intuitive and optimistic by nature, and it's likely common for you to have a mind full of new ideas at any given moment.

You see opportunity where many others don't and the trouble arises when you want to bring all of the ideas to life at the same time. It may also be difficult for you to say 'no' to pursuing a new idea or opportunity when it's presented because you love 'new' and 'exciting'!

Some days you may feel you're chasing after many ideas at the same time while accomplishing no real progress on any one of them.

In order to beat Shiny Object Syndrome it's important to pick ONE idea and focus your undivided attention on it. Of all the ideas you have in your head right now Cheap Under Armour Curry Shoes Sale , which one has the potential to make you the most money?

This is the idea you want to focus your complete attention, energy and resources on.

Many other great ideas and opportunities will come your way as you work on bringing your best idea to life, but until that happens Cheap Under Armour Curry Youth Shoes , keep a running "Great IdeaOpportunity" list where you can keep a record of these items for future attention.

All of those great ideas and opportunities are useless to you if you can't bring them to full completion within an effective time frame.

With your best idea at the forefront, decide on how to implement a structured plan. Map your plan into bite-size, manageable pieces and once done Cheap Under Armour Curry Womens Shoes , focus your attention on completing the first step. Only once you have completed that step, move on to the next.

Keep in mind, throughout the process distractions will surround you. When presented with an opportunity Cheap Under Armour Curry Mens Shoes , albeit a good one, learn to say 'no' if it takes you away from your primary goal.

It's often hard for entrepreneurs to say 'no' but chasing many ideas simultaneously will only put you further and further behind.

So, where do you start today? Here's a brief guideline to help you along:

1. Make a list of all the ideas and opportunities on your 'to do' list right now.
2. Pick the one that will make you the most money and develop a manageable plan to complete it.
3. When distractions arise Cheap Under Armour Curry Shoes , ask yourself, "Will this bring me closer to my goal or take me further away from it?"
4. If they take you away from your primary goal, learn to say 'no'.

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Make Your Baby Smart with Baby Games Online

Posted by doragames on March 1st Cheap Stephen Curry Shoes Online , 2015

For parents, the time their baby starts to understand and experience the world around them in all its glory is a wonderful time. This is also the time that is most crucial for the mental and intellectual development of the baby. It is a learning experience not only for the baby but the parents too. In the digital age that we live today, the earlier you introduce your baby to responsible gadget use the better. Your child will inevitably fidget with your phone or tablet. Soon enough they will even learn to unlock and use it to play games. However Cheap Stephen Curry Shoes Clearance , not all parents know how to let their kids play and not get addicted to games or any other distractions on their gadgets. There is a thin line between fun and game addiction that could prove detrimental to the child’s development. Playing baby games online should not be just for fun and frolic but should also involve an element of education and cognitive skill development.

The question that arises is what is the best age to introduce your child to baby games and other digital mediums? Every parent knows their kids abilities and grasping capacity best so the right time is when you think that your child is ready to discover the wonderful uses of an electronic gadget. Experts agree that two and a half is an ideal average age at which kids can quickly pick up on gadget use, with the exception of those who take more time. Many parents today use games on phones and tablets as a distraction for their kids. However, there are many games downloadable games that are perfect for cognitive development as well. These provide a complete learning experience along with keeping your little ones impressed and entertained.

Many critics believe that games have more cons than pros. They discourage physical activity Cheap Stephen Curry Shoes Wholesale , increase distress and encourage instant gratification. Even though this may be true to some extent, it can be easily countered by being strict with the time allowance to play games. Do not let virtual games substitute the time spent playing outdoors. It is also imperative that you reduce time on the screen. With tons of baby games online available, how do you choose the right ones for your kid? A game that contains graphics that are easy on the eye and a concept that encourages learning and development would be ideal. Here are some points you should remember while selecting the right game:

Always think about amusement first. An entertained kid is a happy kid and there are more chances that they will fully engage into the learning part of the game.Choose multi-player games so that you and your child can enjoy together.A game that is interactive and challenging at the same time in the age group it targets is perfect for your child.Online access should be restrictive and controlled.

Games are indeed a fun way to give your child a diverse environment to grow in. Do not let the worry of addiction stop your child from having fun and learning at the same time.

Author Bio

www.baby-games is a website that provides free baby games online for all kinds of children from toddlers to preschoolers. They have a collection of hundreds of fun and interactive games that will keep your little one entertained anywhere.

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