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You all do realize that the plots are loosely based off the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris? All of the elements have reasons including Jason Andre Dawson Youth Jersey , amnesiac Eric and the witches. All of these story lines where in the 4th book and will have reasons.

Out of the entire premiere of Season 4, I would say 1% of what happened is actually drawn from the book. That 1% is merely the fact that there are some of the same character’s in the show as the book. For example; if I were to create a show called, I don’t know. “Potter” and take some of the characters from Harry Potter, even some of the ones who died in the first book, and call it a show based off of the book David Ross Youth Jersey , but then have Snape and Harry go out bowling, Harry Potter’s mom and dad still alive and hunting elk in the woods, and taking Draco and making him a ballerina. For having so many expectations of seeing the books we loved being visually represented, or at least acknowledged on screen so our favorite characters and story would come to life, none of that ever really happened. All of my hopes were squished now that Ball has decided to do his own thing. Fine Joe Maddon Womens Jersey , do your own thing, write your own plot, but don’t borrow characters to do it.

I will admit that I have not read the books. However, when adapting a story so huge to the screen, even the small screen Anthony Rizzo Womens Jersey , you have to mold the story to fit the medium in which you are presenting it. The way they’re adapting (however closely or loosely) this story seems WAY to A.D.D. While all these side plots and anecdotal twists and turns may be genius in a book, you can’t always convey that in another form. Maybe I would like it more if I had read the book. Maybe I would like it less. I am judging this purely based on its qualities as a TV series with no outside information, and that is what I review.

I think the show was confusing but if that was director’s and writers intentions, then they did a good job. From what I get the viewers mostly follows what Sookie sees. Being that she has been gone for over a year, when she gets back a lot of things have changed.

Sam has new friends Cole Hamels Womens Jersey , Bill’s king, and all types of things are going on that we did not get to see unvail. It’s just bam this is what’s going on now. And like a person who has missed a year of your life, you need to get caught up on things.

If this is indeed the creators intentions then it was executed perfectly and made feel like a person who lost a year in my life, while the world move on without me.

As for not following the books, it was told from the beginning of the show that only a few elements will follow the book and the tv series will stand on it’s own.

It works both ways Addison Russell Womens Jersey , staying true to the books works and taking elements from a certain title and changing things work. I have seen it do well in each format.

True Blood suffers from a few chronic weaknesses like convoluted plot lines and extended periods where the main characters never interact with each other. The show is at its best when all paths cross and a solid connection can be made. When I heard that season 4 was dubbed “Season of the Witch,” I got a little scared. New supers are all well and good, as long as the old ones don’t lose any ground. Actually, when you look back on season one and realize the only things we were dealing with were a handful of vampires, one shifter Jason Heyward Womens Jersey , and a mind-reader, it seems so quaint.

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