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"Came back from the Yan city last time, had been remembering that you cooked to eat well.You say to invite me to have a meal with elder sister today, one company of two of us measures, feel the thing of outside didn't°yet you do ground delicious, so I ran to go out to buy a lot of vegetableses come back, simply make you come over next time kitchen-Xi Xi, you can't not take pleasure in?"Sung parable waits until a leaf to come down for autumn.Warm and affectionately run up to hug his ground arm to say.
Ever since that time 2 people passed by last time some kind of long talk, again after this villa doorway took place to relate to for the second time, the female kid's disposition took place variety.No longer leaf the autumn consider as an enemy and on the contrary was oneself as his girl friend.
There are the young men and women to blend over the body and soul.Do some is all very calm while intimately acting of, even if think mental reservation.Also very of difficulty.
"It doesn't matter.Just I had no opportunity to cook for a long time and hoped to make you satisfied, and your elder sister?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
Sung parable unhappily choked a leaf for autumn of the arm is 1, say:"Sex maniac, first, take aim my elder sister where, I have no her beautiful?"
"Be not."The autumn of the leaf shakes head, how do the women all like to entwine this problem?
"That is that I doesn't have her chest big?"
"This-" Sung parable really has no the chest of Sung Yu book big, but this answer leaf autumn is ten thousand ten thousand don't dare to speak out.
"Dislike, even if BE, you also forbid to speak.True stroke person."Sung parable displeasedly saw one eye oneself ground chest, get angry with ground to say."Stop worrying.My elder sister is very quick and then will come back.Does she want to go to work, I can tell you, we were seen by her in the romantic matter of outside last time.She still reminds that I want to notice next time-hum.The old woman who delivers Sao."
If the leaf autumn is walking step, hear Sung parable, almost 1 stumbles to fall down on the ground.
"Be seen by her?"
"Is afraid of?Saw and then see a shell.BE not so return to matter son-she is with the time that you do .I also sawed."
Leaf's autumn's some penitence came to Sung house to cook, early knowing shoulded determinedly refuse their ground suggestion, then invite them go to a relatively run to have a meal in a ground hotel.
The situation in that.She presumably could not said it words like this?
Pull a leaf the autumn entered a living room, Sung parable was like a hostess the favour live.Help a leaf to carry fruits for autumn, pour tea, then sit again at nearby, he hugs his ground arm and he talks.
"You these two days at what's the hurry?BE isn't that I don't call you.You and then give° me to forget?"Sung parable You hatred ground says.
"Can't.How can?I once promised to want to invite you sister to have a meal of and have an elder to come to Su Hang to see a doctor this time, so being these days of is always very busy."Leaf autumn explanation way.
The variety happened to disposition really.If Sung parable asked him before thus ground problem.Afraid is he will nothing important patience of the return answer.
The love is a scales.If a carry to put a ground of counter too many, but moreover and simultaneously but all empty.So love ground the scales will tilt to one side and probably collapse.
The love wants to pay, oneself has to try to pay, can not let again those like own female kid sad.
"H'm, I know.Is the Tang to take a post to smoke a victim a seat Tang Bu Yi?Can't the meeting of Tang Jia spoilt daughter of a rich family be also more beautiful than me?"
"It is all beautiful."The autumn of the leaf unclearly answers that transfering topic ground says:"What vegetables did you buy?Is enough not enough?Want to buy again?"
He thinks that literally do what matter also good.Not ability again and this odd woman sat to together say a topic like this.
Hear a leaf ground a problem for autumn, Sung parable happily says:"Come, I take you to see, is all vegetables that I buy, the amount of should be enough."
The amount of is how can not enough.Afraid is three people eat for a week also enough.
Sung parable buys vegetables for the first time.Feel that the vegetables is very cheap.Hence take everything a big ground.Bought full full one trolley as a result.Oneself cans not move it and also ask the small work help of market to send to a car up.The ice cabinet fills a ground of full everywhere don't say, the kitchen inside still put a lot.
"The vegetables is enough, time about, I start in now.Wait your elder sister to come back from getting off work.We at the right moment start to eat."The autumn of the leaf says.

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