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And do cutthroat about._The Wei has a very and sharp feeling sense.His in the mind always feels will occupy to living.
Is blessing isn't a disaster.Is blessing to hide however.
The proper black cat is when the office confused and worried walks around.A flock of man who wears black dress rushed to come in.
"What person are you ?"The female assistant whom he specially appoints stands up to ask a way.Want to give° these black dress persons to block down.
"Take."Walk on one of front small even a wave hand.Then a black dress person grasps the female assistant's shoulder to drag about to the outside.
"You what person are you ?"The facial expression of female assistant is pale.The sounds are all hoarse.
"Underworld."The small crew cut icily says I.
Inside in the office still has two have never gone out to carry out a task of black cat agency member.Also very quick of be lived for control by them._Come according to their soon can struggle some kind of escape.But be them bright gun empress.The courage that the owners all lost to resist.
Person is can hardly run of lead bullet.
Crew cut one feet Chuai opens the office door of black cat.Looking at the black cat that prepares to jump a window to say:"If you think that what you ran drops.Though jump to try."
The black cat certainly knows that oneself runs not to drop.Because he has already seen a window below have already stayed by the side a quite a few black dress person._The square early has been already taken precautions against.Already they rent of the building round ram-jam fullly.
The black cat is since the window sill jumped down.Ask a way:"Who are you ?Want to do what?"
"These you don't need to be known.You the understand I is foolish meeting the son want to do what go.
Take."Is small even
039;-hand.Behind those two black dress persons then and cruel as predatory animally rushed toward to come over-
The black cat is one face wry smile.Ownly anticipate right.This indeed as expected planted into.
But in the same time.Black cat agency other's carrying out the society member of task in the outside also all is lived for control.
The air in the board room is generally taken time to.Breathe every time.Wang Hou Hua all wants to expend very big energy.
Liu Sui increases why want to change sides in war one shot?His 100 joy did none of group want?He is also this affairs to be subjected to a benefit.Said to have again to him what advantage?
Still despised this woman.There is unexpectedly a way making Liu Sui increase exploding on his/her own initiative this being dark to trade.
Luckily this affairs is completely been responsible for by Wang Quan Ren.Although everybody knows that Wang Quan Ren is his/her own person.But also have no definite evidence can prove a case that oneself participated in this bargain.
Throwing a soldier to protect is handsome.Wang Quan Ren is the time that needs to be given up.
Wang Hua's idea is several to turn.Have already come to a decision Wang Quan Ren's sad destiny.
The destiny of person is a pawn.The time that is of no use .The destiny that waits for his also being only abandonned.
See a time Wang Quan Ren still be defending in a devious way.Tang Guo helplessly shook to shake head.
But the other Tang Pai member is all smiling all over.A face cajolery looking at Wang Quan Ren's performance.Tang Guo this recruits its never thought that.Isn't only only will give to cheat past.Make Wang Hou Hua beating this is factional caught unprepared.
Even if this matter makes Wang Hou Hua get away.A the most important member brave general of his under charge is afraid to also be damaging.
Tang Guo can lend machine to restructure.Department in the market will also welcome a new of greatly change blood._Department in the market of empress.It isn't Wang Hou Hua's a forum any further._The I goes to thick China fastens in the Di of department in the market afraid want to be all to clear clean.
Don't know what is the row son.Liu Sui's increasing to see Wang Quan Ren to die to happen is still contending for Bian.The at heart is also unknown quick temper.The wrath that oneself conceals down also thoroughly exploded.Point at Wang Quan Ren to denounce openly.Say:"Wang Quan Ren.Do you dare to say that these words aren't what you says?If do I find out evidence to how do?"
"What evidence do you have?"Wang Quan's kind-heartedness falsely asks a way.
"What evidence?I know that you aren't a good thing.So at you come previous.I packed under the tea side-table of the living room._ All conversation contentses drive I to recorded down.Do you want to listen to?"Liu Sui increases to say.From the pocket in take out the small box son in a black and put on the marble table of board room.
"Tang Dong.This is to record sound a component.You can put to listen to."Liu Sui increases a full face heap to smile ground to say to Tang Guo.
Tang Guo's point nods.Signal hint Mary to go fetch to broadcast.

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