#1 Over the past 30 years von ylq 20.05.2019 04:54

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China has undergone tremendous changes, making me often write something, recall the past of the past, use history as a mirror, and better feel the beautiful and happy life. When I was a child, my mother often took me to the county to buy things. I was willing to go. I ran around the mother and followed the mother. The smooth dirt roads were all over the crops. I had a green landscape and let me open. Eyes. My family is three miles from the county. We walked through the wheat fields, walked through the woods, and set foot on the slate bridge. After half an hour of hard work, we came to the county town. At that time, there were department stores and city gates in the county town. Supply and marketing cooperatives, local products companies, food companies, materials bureaus... There is also a tweeter. The red revolutionary songs are heard in the speakers. Almost everyone in the county can hear them. The voice is loud and loud, and the sky is ringing. My mother took me to the department store, the counters on the upper and lower floors, the shelves were full of goods, everything was there, the customers came to me, and the long queues became the beautiful scenery of the mother to look at the goods that need to be purchased. After a long line at the cloth counter, it took a long time to get to the counter. The salesman smiled and smiled. The mother decided to buy the fabric, carefully took out the money and cloth ticket from the pocket and bought a few feet of cloth. The salesperson wrapped the paper with cotton paper and politely watched us leave. I followed my mother to another counter, and my mother bought another bag of matches. So, upstairs and downstairs in the morning, my mother bought some daily necessities, and half a catty of sugar, I have a piece in my mouth, high. Happy to go home. This experience has always been printed in my memory. Within a few years, I gradually got to know some bills, such as cloth tickets, food stamps, oil tickets, meat tickets, cigarette tickets, cotton tickets, soap tickets, watch tickets, bicycle tickets, Dozens of sewing tickets, etc. In those days, no matter what you bought, you bought it by ticket. In all aspects of food and clothing you can think of, the ticket strictly controls people's desires and puts the Chinese under the national distribution system. Since 1955, the first set of food stamps in the country was officially circulated. Finally, in 1993, it has always been an indispensable "second currency" in the lives of our people - food stamps. After completing the sacred mission of 38 years of food stamps, it is finally here. The official abolition of the food stamps in one year means that the era of unified purchase and marketing has already left, ending the 38-year-old "ticket economy" in China Marlboro Red. The era of shopping by ticket is accompanied by our generation for more than ten years. I remember that when I was on a business trip Newport 100S, I always brought some food stamps with me. There are national and provincial, I always have plans to go. Consumption, these food stamps are saved by my father and mother. I am deeply impressed by the rise of the ticket system, oil ticket, cloth ticket and other ticket system. These are the special historical periods before the reform and opening up. China's planned economy Times, special historical products under the system For those who have experienced that era, food stamps are the "benefit of life", food stamps are the "life base" of people, and those colorful tickets used to be important assets of countless families. It bears the ups and downs of life, impressing the bitterness and helplessness of the people. In the past, although poor, but people live in harmony, there is not much intrigue in the simple, it is the age of material lack of spirit for more than 30 years. The change is too big, people's thinking can't keep up, but in any case, the era of ticketing has passed, and the era of eating is gone, of course, now With the current problem, but trying to go back to the past, it can only be an absurd idea that is not conscience and has no conscience Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Don't forget the reduction in the hard times, the waste of the wealthy modern era, the era of shopping by ticket is gone forever. Whenever recalling the age of shopping by ticket Parliament Cigarettes, there is always some recollection and sentiment, especially the previous generation. People are more in mind, all material is scarce, but also a difficult life. Whenever I see a commemorative cloth ticket Wholesale Cigarettes, food stamp and oil ticket... I reminded me again of the age of shopping. Let us remember and forget

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