#1 The autumn of October von ylq 12.08.2019 03:48

The autumn of October is still coming, I have already imagined in September: the wind blows the flowers and flowers on both sides. Then urge yourself, you should wait for the years to pass, waste the loneliness of youth, and dedicate yourself to the ocean of love. Feel the autumn is a moving picture, what kind of beautiful world is the vast world. I am thinking about it, looking back at what I look like in my childhood. At that time, I walked by the stream every other time, stepping into the foot of the stream and letting the stream flow. The stream is crystal clear, the creek is extremely smooth, and there are a few small fish under the moss playing in carefree. I either stepped into the water or went through the stone. Or go to a boulder and lie down to watch the sky, or scavenge on the sandbanks, or fly into the grass to catch the cricket. I remember that the sky at that time was always blue, the sun was shining, the white clouds were like mountains, and the wind blew the leaves. In the mountainous shape of the terraced fields Carton Of Cigarettes, the farmer works in the field, the cattle and sheep are squatting in the grass, the birds are flying in the blue sky, the ants are impatiently walking around, the insects are wrapped around the leaves to hide themselves, and the dogs are on the way. I was agile and flustered. I was an unscrupulous child. I liked fantasy all day. When I saw a child in the cloud, I realized that it might be the dragon claw in the sky. I looked at the mountain outside the mountain and thought about it. Some caves are really gods. When you see some broken stones, you can think that you can make a chessboard. The enemy and the enemy on both sides are fighting to kill. When you see a waste stove, you want to cook like a decent. At that time Cigarettes For Sale, I was so innocent and wanted nothing. I only thought about what I was like when I grew up. Now that I have grown up, I don��t remember what it was like to hope for myself and to look into the distance. The general situation is: ignorant age, innocent imagination. Now in this September season, after a few rains in the summer, the summer is quietly retiring, in exchange for the inherent coolness of autumn. In this cool autumn, I deliberately don't go to jealousy and relax my heart to nature. Before I saw the yellow leaves withering, I tried to bring more scenery to the greenery. At the same time, Imagine that there is not only a thick green on the earth, but also a sea of ??love. In this ocean, I wandered like a child without worry and without resentment. The world is cold, I don't think about it; I am deceiving, not on my heart; the guests from all directions are unforgettable; the scenery of the four seasons is detailed Marlboro Cigarettes. Time, let it flow, but do not regret. Years, let it become frost, but the ocean with love loves the four seasons of the world, enjoy it; love the world, come and enjoy.
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