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c, the raindrops fell on the umbrella and made a "squeaky" muffled sound; inside the umbrella, he took my shoulder and sent me to the examination room in front of the school gate, the sign of "parent stop" Keep his footsteps there. He took care of my hair and took off the raindrops that didn't exist on my shoulders. "Go," he said with a smile Wholesale Cigarettes. "Don't be nervous, work hard. After the exam, I am waiting for you here. I walked into the school gate and walked to the exam room. I suddenly turned around and wanted to go to the exam room." Look at him again. I want to take another look at this person who rushes for me, pays for me, encourages me, gives me support. Turning around for a moment, the eyes meet him Newport Cigarettes Coupons. He raises his right hand and can't care about the umbrella in his left hand. Whether he leaned. He waved his hand and smiled at me. The encouragement, trust, and support that flowed out of the wave... I have already melted in my heart, and I continue to go to the examination room. I am very powerful, I want to use myself. The back of the film told him that the "I can do it" volume was distributed, and the test questions were surprisingly difficult. I would not take the test if it was not his encouragement. The picture that he waved in his mind, this picture gave me Endless motivation. I began to write hard, with his expectations and my dreams. The test is over, I left the examination room and came to the school gate. In the sea, I can't find where he is. For a long time, I only hope See him tiptoe and stretch his neck. Raise his right hand and look at his head and look up Carton Of Cigarettes, holding the yellow umbrella in his left hand. Under the gray sky, a small yellow umbrella looks funny at first glance, but I think they are the perfect match. Then he I also saw me, and forced my right hand to stretch longer and waved hard. I had water drops on my face, I couldn��t tell if it was rain or tears. I ran over and took him. He lowered his head and smiled at me, let go of the high-handed right hand, wiped the raindrops on his face, and walked with me to the way home. He, no one else, my father, father, you know, from you The fatherly love of water flowing out of the gap between the waves has become the most beautiful river in my life. I played the most beautiful movement in my life while flowing.
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