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I went to a strange place, left the arsenal for the first time, and greeted me with such a small space, and the smell of sweat was so smoky, but such a broken place was filled with my kind. The one closest to me told me that we were on the waist of a veteran. I saw a number of sporadic holes in the bullets and saw a military green. The green of the army quickly turned black and stopped shaking Marlboro Cigarettes. The veteran opened the bullet folder and carefully wiped one grain and one grain. I saw a group of soldiers sitting around the fire and talking about topics that were not suitable for children. Hey, where did you come from? I looked back and saw who was talking, it was a gun. It said: "You are so happy, although you have no neck and no waist, you can fly... Do you know? Cross the field and fly to the blue sky, it feels awesome... You haven't been on the battlefield and don't know that feeling." Under the description of the sound and color, we have a sense of superiority Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and we have a yearning for flying. When I wanted to go into the discussion Carton Of Cigarettes, the veteran's hand was picked up by me, and then I didn't feel it. The hands were not washed for at least a year. The stun of yesterday's big day has not slowed down, and the morning battle begins. Thanks to the description of the gun last night, the battle made us very excited. Through the small hole, I saw the veteran bravely marching in the rain of bullets and waiting to climb to an injured companion. He took the gun and set the position. We are excited to wait for the epic flight moment in the magazine. Then we saw the veteran borrowing some blood from the dead companion. Then, I heard the same kind of people around me yelling angrily: "Mom, pretend to die!" I fainted again, out of disappointment. There were a lot of people beside the fire at night. Today the veteran did not wipe us, he was busy giving the soldiers an undead speech. He said: "We are really happy. Although we have no meat to eat, we ca
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