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In Begging for Real Church, Dr. Joseph W. Daniels, Jr. uses stories from scripture and personal narratives as he strives to answer questions about life’s daily pressures and challenges through a model known as the REAL church. In a world where churches have essentially become competitors-for churchgoers-the REAL church presents a road map for individuals who wish to undergo a spiritual and transcendental awakening en route to becoming (rather than feeling) the spirit of the church. By being relevant, enthusiastic Cheap Air Jordan , authentic, and loving, the individual will have a better sense of how to put the idea of the real church into existence.

Begging for Real Church is essentially about people, like you and me Cheap Jordan Womens , who seek more from life. Spiritual beggars, in many ways, are similar to those whom we see on the streets. The text states, “A beggar is someone in need of a life-transforming experience.” Whether it is for that new promotion Cheap Jordan Mens , winning the lottery, or begging for a soul mate, most individuals have been in a begging situation. The purpose of the book is two-fold: a) to show the flaw in the church’s adamant ritual and routine-based model; and b) to help beggars turn their pleas into blessings by establishing real churches that focus on helping the individual during his or her time of need.

Clearly written, the authenticity of the author’s experiences make this piece easy to understand for all audiences. By sharing real stories of beggars among us Cheap Jordan High , the author rekindles a bond and an attachment that, though revolutionary, connects churchgoers on a deeply personal level to Jesus Christ. A REAL church should be a place for healing, not an institution that is simply going through the motions. Unconditional love is an essential ingredient for this vision to succeed. A REAL church demonstrates love and offers hope to people from all walks of life so that they may overcome the challenges of everyday living.

Begging for Real Church has the power to transform beggars into blessed souls who make the world a better place. From dramatic business failures to drinking problems Cheap Jordan Mid , the book illustrates many different examples of bestowing blessings upon beggars.

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