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Contests And Attractions To Bring Attendees To Your Trade Show Booth Marketing Articles | June 25 Cheap New Balance Shoes , 2010
Using prize vaults, treasure chests, prize wheels, and cash cubes all are great contests and attractions that will draw attendees to your trade show booth.

Exhibitors need more than just a good product and a solid company reputation to win over the crowds at trade show displays. So many competing booths mean that attendees can get distracted easily and may end up just wandering around from stand to stand. Just like in any crowd, it is necessary to do something spectacular to rise above the masses. Organizers of trade show displays must go all out and set up attractions that grab people's attention, like contests and other publicity stunts. These help turn eyes in your direction Cheap New Balance , which ultimately translates into more leads and then more sales.

Prize Vaults And Treasure Chests

Attendees want to be dazzled by something out of the ordinary at trade show booths. If they are enticed by an exciting exhibit, they are much more likely to come over. Prize vaults are usually clear, Plexiglas safes that you can fill with incentives for booth visitors to try and win. Opened with a four or six digit code, there are millions of numeric combinations. Before the show, print out hundreds of combinations and make sure that only one is the one that opens the safe. At your trade show display, attendees will keep trying combinations and a crowd will gather to see who is finally successful.

Treasure chests work similarly Cheap New Balance 574 Sale , but instead of numeric codes, attendees are given keys. Most of the keys will not open the chest, but a lucky few will be able to open it to receive whatever treasure you decide to put inside. The keys can be mailed out ahead of time, just like the numeric codes for the prize vault, to create a buzz before the show.

Prize Wheels

Prize wheels also are a colorful, fun attraction to have at your trade show booth. These wheels can be spun for the opportunity to receive a prize. Attendees will not be able to resist spinning the wheel - who can pass up the chance for a prize? Once visitors are drawn to a company's display Cheap New Balance 574 Sport , booth staff will be able to talk to them and see if they are interested in what is being offered. If so, it is more likely that the visitor will become a customer.

Money Machines

The cash cube money machines are another fantastic way to attract attention to your trade show display. Not many people can resist the lure of grabbing fistfuls of money. Instead of just giving out cash, businesses can also imprint coupons that are only good at their business. Not only will these cash cubes drive business traffic to trade show booths, but letting customers grab company coupons will directly serve as extra business. Another advantage of money machines is that businesses can control how much people can grab by determining the time spent in the machine, denomination of bills, and total amount of cash in the cube.

With prize vaults Cheap New Balance 574 Retro , treasure chests, prize wheels, and cash cubes, companies can easily gain attendees' attention at trade show displays.

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