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At the cusp of finally to the Wall Street WikiLeaks formal "declaration of war": the founder Julian Assange WikiLeaks recently claimed that the site's next goal will be a large U.S. bank. With Bank of America suspect that the bank executives this sternly denied. But experts point out that the face of the growing "leak" wind Landon Collins Shirt , Wall Street seems a bit helpless.

Bank of America into the leak goals?

WikiLeaks site recently leaked to accept the "Forbes" magazine interview, said the United States will be published within a large bank of sensitive materials. A Sangqi that will include tens of thousands of copies of these materials revealed that the bank documents some unethical behavior, but he did not further disclose the bank's name and the type of unethical behavior.

This on the news to the recent "turmoil" on Wall Street even more frightened, but the A Sangqi in October 2009 to accept the "Computer World" said in an interview with a passage quickly to get people's attention to focus on Wall Street giant - the United States banks.

"For example, we are currently being compiled from the U.S. bank, a senior computer's hard drive 5 gigabytes of information." He said Sean Taylor Jersey , "Now how do we publish it out? This is a very difficult problems. we can put this information compressed into a huge file, but we know, it is so out of limited release. To have an impact, so people have to research, search and dug up dirt from the form of release. "

As the market speculation that Bank of America will be the next high-profile WikiLeaks targets, once Bank of America shares fell 3% that day.

But the bank is responsible for global strategy and marketing executives Annifennu Kane (Anne Finucane) that day said there was no evidence that Bank of America is the next target WikiLeaks Preston Smith Jersey , "We do not know what is the next target WikiLeaks and did not have any contact with them. "The next day the bank shares recovered lost ground in early trading in part.

During the financial crisis almost forced to accept the collapse of 45 billion U.S. dollars of U.S. government relief funds banks have accepted numerous federal and state investigators, and involved a large number of class action lawsuits. Investors are worried that a possible leak will result in the further investigation of the line.

Wall Street's frustration

Although this is the first time WikiLeaks "prove safety," Wall Street, but this is not the first time, the site for private companies, including some well-known banks.

In 2009 Brandon Scherff Jersey , Britain's Barclays Bank has received court approval to stop the British "The Guardian" published on its Web site associated with the line a series of tax documents, and shall not disclose such information can still be in the WikiLeaks site on the acquisition.

In 2008, the Swiss private bank Switzerland Boom Group (Julius Baer) demanded the closure of proceedings WikiLeaks Web site. Prior to this, WikiLeaks announced Boom Group, an executive leaked documents related to customer account information.

This time, for Wall Street's "leak" is not only for individual actions of a bank Montae Nicholson Jersey , is likely to involve a number of financial institutions. A Sangqi of "Forbes" reporter Andy Greenber said that apart from a major bank involved in the "large number of disclosure materials", he had involving a number of financial institutions, and has yet to be announced " potentially lethal, "the document.

Some lawyers believe that these cases show that, once the reputation of the commercial or sensitive information or the like in the Secret WikiLeaks website out of the company to stop the online dissemination of such information would be very difficult, especially in the United States.

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