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Value stream mapping (VSM) was introduced at Toyota as a method for investigating production and design flows. The approach focused upon the manner in which materials and information flowed throughout a process to eventually yield value to an end customer. Its goal was to help managers identify and eliminate waste. In doing so Mike McGlinchey Jersey , they could reduce the costs of production and lead times while improving customer satisfaction.

Originally, the methodology was used exclusively in lean manufacturing environments. Today, the discipline is implemented within organizations in a variety of industries. This article will assume the reader has a basic understanding of the system through which value stream mapping is implemented. Instead, we'll explore three potential hazards associated with its implementation.

#1 - Lack Of A Repeating System

VSM uses maps to follow resources through an iterative design. That is, there must be an identifiable process that repeats in order that the VS map can accurately determine controls. It is through that determination that sources of waste are isolated.

Many organizations apply VS mapping to business processes which fail to meet that standard. In some cases Mike Hughes Jersey , the inputs vary along the way and as a result, identifying a repeating control is impossible. If a control cannot be identified, a Future State cannot be proposed with a reasonable level of expectation.

#2 - Following Human Inputs

One of the most common mistakes made when performing value stream mapping is that the observer will mistakenly follow human inputs rather than the control. For example, consider your local coffee shop and suppose the process under study is the creation of a latte. A customer enters the shop and orders the latte, thereby starting the observation. The study concludes once the latte is delivered to the customer. However Mike Gesicki Jersey , an observer may continue following the preparer as he or she cleans the espresso machine.

Doing so damages the accuracy of the VS map and therefore, prevents the proposal of an accurate Future State.

#3 - VS Mapping Without Observation

More than ever, companies maintain detailed records on computer regarding every process on which they rely. For example, a manufacturing plant might have records detailing the amount of time required to transport, package Maurice Hurst Jersey , or unpack items within a warehouse. The danger here is that the observer may be tempted to construct a VS map from these records rather than actually taking the time to observe the process. In many cases, the recorded details may fail to take every factor into account.

For example, a manufacturing plant might maintain that a warehouse employee can transport an item from the delivery section of the facility to the packaging area in 4 minutes. A VSM observer might rely upon that metric rather than visiting the warehouse to watch the transaction occur. In reality, due to phone calls and sporadic stops, the employee may actually require 17 minutes to transport the item. Unless observed Mason Rudolph Jersey , that waste would not be identified.

Accuracy Follows Proper Implementation

Value stream mapping is an effective methodology for uncovering waste in production and design flows. But, like other methodologies (i.e. Six Sigma, BPM, etc.), it must be implemented carefully. Controls must be properly identified and followed. Observers must be able to accurately determine when an observation ends (rather than continuing to follow human inputs). And of course Marcus Davenport Jersey , VS mapping requires actual observation of processes rather than a reliance on recorded "standards." If these rules are not followed, an accurate Future State map that addresses existing waste cannot be proposed.Reverse engineering is a technology that may be new to most companies. Thus, they do not even realize that their businesses need reverse engineering from MicroScribe to make their operations more efficient. However, there are companies that grab the latest technology like pioneering reverse engineering MicroScribe, even before they become popular M.J. Stewart Jersey , and are thus, the very first ones to avail of the benefits of this new technology.

Reverse engineering MicroScribe is such an innovation that there is a need to make companies from almost all industries become aware of its benefits. For one, reverse engineering is the process of analyzing the structure of a device, discovering its function and operation, in order to get to know the technological application and principle of such device. Thus Lorenzo Carter Jersey , a company can improve on the workings of a gadget or machine without paying a high cost for the machine, and without necessarily duplicating the same machine.

Some companies are however too cautious staying away from anything they do not really understand. Rightfully though, because investing in technology like the reverse engineering MicroScribe is an added cost.

The most important thing to do first is to determine if reverse engineering MicroScribe is necessary to your business.

Benefits of Reverse Engineering MicroScribe

The first consideration is of course, how heavily reliant your office or company is, on certain software like CAD or computer-aided design. If your business relies on CAD for its most important functions then you cannot deny that reverse engineering MicroScribe is something you have to consider.

Reverse engineering MicroScribe will allow you to measure any of the devices used by the company in its operations and pave the way for the creation of a 3D model. The process will require the use of 3D scanning technologies that can be provided by reverse engineering MicroScribe.

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