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Fall is by far one of the best times to fish any smallmouth lake. This is a great time to catch your limit of big fish.

Smallies like to stock up ahead for winter Wholesale Football Jerseys , a time when they are not as likely to get a belly full of shad or whatever baitfish is available in that lake.

So, the key is to locate baitfish. That's where you will find the smallies.

Your focus in the fall will not be much different than in the spring. Set your sites on shallow shelves adjacent to deeper water (flats that drop sharply), also rocky humps and shoals with patches of grass mixed in.

Fish can be at any depth, but you will mostly want to look in 8 to 12 feet of water in the fall.

This is going to be a bit hit and miss because smallmouths gather in big schools of up to 50 fish. So if you don't find them quickly Wholesale NFL Jerseys , move on.

The best baits for this method are spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and hard jerkbaits fished quickly. These allow you to cover a lot of water fast. Keep the lure just under the surface.

When you do nail one and suspect there are more to be had, but they have refused your original offer Wholesale Jerseys From China , try using a slower moving bait like a soft plastic tube.

Work the area slowly and completely. Follow-up is extremely important to catching the maximum amount of fish from an area.

Once you have found them, you don't want to leave any of them behind.

"My rags to riches story

The subject line at the top of this letter is actually a lie. I'm not yet rich. I'm no Donald Trump or Warren Buffet. I don't drive around in a Porsche and walk into restaurants and order whatever I want without looking at the menu.

But I'm a damn sight better off than I was a few years ago.

Let me start at the beginning.

I was working on a wage of about $35,000 a I applied to be the telemarketing manager of a recruitment call centre that paid me more than double my previous income.

It seemed like a fortune at the time.

In fact, I remember the first few weeks I worked at that job... I felt like a charlatan. Amazing how things change - as today I would NEVER work for that amount of money.

But then something changed. I went to a seminar and they talked about taking over a business for free... building it up and selling it. So I looked through the papers Wholesale Jerseys China , found an opportunity, quit my job and jumped in head first.

What happened? My business partner and I had very little money... no skill in the area (it was a hairdressing salon)... and had never been in business.

To cut a long story short, despite our best efforts, the business folded within 6 months and I found myself broke and on the bottom of the world.

I'd already borrowed money from my mother... so I couldn't turn that way... and I didn't know where else to go.

I found a guy in Paddington who let me rent an apartment with low rent in the first week... but half-way through that week I couldn't afford to eat and I am serious.

I literally did a sales presentation on marketing to the local Indian restaurant (who was never going to buy) and invited myself to a meal afterwards.

Anyway Wholesale Jerseys , I was desperate and penniless, so I placed a classified ad in the newspaper on credit (cost: $18) and I hung out my shingle. Managed to borrow some money off a friend to pay the rent for the week... and when the ad went in, the phones rang... and slowly but surely I got clients.

It was tough - probably the toughest experience of my life.

But a few months later I met my wife and fell madly in love - she said I looked like a guy who was on drugs because my eyes were so sunken in - but she was wonderful enough to love me anyway despite my terrible dress sense... and the ordinary state of my life.

Thankfully, she also cooked for me... which was great Cheap NFL Football Jerseys , because I was still living on the smell of an oily rag.

I was living hand to mouth... week to week... cold calling & hustling in order to get by. And that's when I decided I needed to get something stable.

I found a client who would pay me a reasonable amount of money for three days a week of work - M & M Pest Control - and I transformed his business over a period of several months.

Anyway, that lifted my confidence and gave me a spring in my step. I worked with various clients, before eventually seeing a job opportunity for Readers Digest. My wife had a strong gut reaction to this and told me I must apply for that position.

If you want to know what the copywriting manager at Readers Digest thought of my skill level, simply click here and scroll to the top of the page.

Anyway Cheap Football Jerseys , for a number of reasons, I didn't ever work for Readers Digest, but all this gave me the confidence to move forward.

I started focusing on copywriting and work just swarmed in. More money than I'd ever earned in my life. Then I built my database... got some larger clients on board and the rest is history.

Today I earn a great income... never make cold calls... work in my shorts in an office near my home... don't have to slosh through rush hour traffic... and all the work comes to me as a result of the turn-key systems I have developed over the years.Know all about new PC games from Awesome Games

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